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Applied Physics Graduate Student

Alex Hwang

Alex is a PhD student in Applied Physics. He previously worked on a variety of topics in optics/photonics from 2D material spectroscopy (Kyoto Univ.) and water nanocluster vibrational spectroscopy (Cambridge Univ.) to engineered non-Hermitian photonic crystals (Rice Univ.) and nanoLEDs (Berkeley). He is currently exploring the physics and applications of nonlinear photonic systems. In his free time, Alex loves playing viola, listening to classical music, pickup basketball, golf, cycling, and hiking (and trying to beat Takuma at chess). 



B.S. Physics, B.A. Electrical Engineering, Rice University, 2019
MPhil Physics, University of Cambridge, 2020


quantum nonlinear optics
mid-IR photonics
frequency combs and solitons