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Journal Article

Diamond optomechanical crystals with embedded nitrogen-vacancy centers

Hybrid quantum devices, in which disparate quantum elements are combined in order to achieve enhanced functionality, have received much attention in recent years due to their exciting potential to address key problems in quantum information processing, communication, and control. Specifically, significant progress has been made in the field of hybrid mechanical devices, in which a qubit is coupled to a mechanical oscillator. High cooperativity in such devices has been demonstrated with superconducting qubits, and coupling defect qubits to mechanical elements via crystal strain has enabled novel methods of qubit measurement and control. In this paper we demonstrate the fabrication of diamond optomechanical crystals (OMCs) with embedded nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers, a preliminary step toward reaching the quantum regime with defect qubit hybrid mechanical devices. We measure optical and mechanical resonances of diamond OMCs as well as the spin coherence of single embedded NV centers. We find that the spin has long coherence times T-2* = 1.5 mu s and T-2 = 72 mu s despite its proximity to nanofabricated surfaces. Finally, we discuss potential improvements of these devices and prospects for future experiments in the quantum regime.
Jeffrey Cady
Ohad Michel
Kenneth W. Lee
Rishi N. Patel
Christopher J. Sarabalis
Amir H. Safavi-Naeini
Ania C Bleszynski Jayich
Journal Name
Quantum Sci. Technol.
Publication Date
April, 2019