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Journal Article

Mechanical Purcell filters for microwave quantum machines

In circuit quantum electrodynamics, measuring the state of a superconducting qubit introduces a loss channel, which can enhance spontaneous emission through the Purcell effect, thus decreasing the qubit lifetime. This decay can be mitigated by performing the measurement through a Purcell filter, which strongly suppresses signal propagation at the qubit transition frequency. If the filter is also well-matched at the readout cavity frequency, it will protect the qubit from decoherence channels without sacrificing measurement bandwidth. We propose and analyze design for a mechanical Purcell filter, which we also fabricate and characterize at room temperature. The filter is composed of an array of nanomechanical resonators in thin-film lithium niobate, connected in a ladder topology, with series and parallel resonances arranged to produce a bandpass response. Their modest footprint, steep band edges, and lack of cross talk make these filters an appealing alternative to analogous electromagnetic versions currently used in microwave quantum machines.
Agnetta Y. Cleland
Marek Pechal
Pieter-Jan Stas
Christopher J. Sarabalis
E. Alex Wollack
Amir H. Safavi-Naeini
Journal Name
Appl. Phys. Lett.
Publication Date
December 23, 2019