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Journal Article

Observation of Quantum Motion of a Nanomechanical Resonator

In this Letter we use resolved sideband laser cooling to cool a mesoscopic mechanical resonator to near its quantum ground state (phonon occupancy 2.6 + 0.2), and observe the motional sidebands generated on a second probe laser. Asymmetry in the sideband amplitudes provides a direct measure of the displacement noise power associated with quantum zero-point fluctuations of the nanomechanical resonator, and allows for an intrinsic calibration of the phonon occupation number.
Amir H. Safavi-Naeini
Jasper Chan
Jeff T. Hill
Thiago P. M. Alegre
Alex Krause
Oskar Painter
Journal Name
Phys. Rev. Lett.
Publication Date
January, 2012