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Journal Article

A chip-scale integrated cavity-electro-optomechanics platform

We present an integrated optomechanical and electromechanical nanocavity, in which a common mechanical degree of freedom is coupled to an ultrahigh-Q photonic crystal defect cavity and an electrical circuit. The system allows for wide-range, fast electrical tuning of the optical nanocavity resonances, and for electrical control of optical radiation pressure back-action effects such as mechanical amplification (phonon lasing), cooling, and stiffening. These sort of integrated devices offer a new means to efficiently interconvert weak microwave and optical signals, and are expected to pave the way for a new class of micro-sensors utilizing optomechanical back-action for thermal noise reduction and low-noise optical read-out. (C) 2011 Optical Society of America
M. Winger
T. D. Blasius
T. P. M. Alegre
A. H. Safavi-Naeini
S. Meenehan
J. Cohen
S. Stobbe
O. Painter
Journal Name
Opt. Express
Publication Date
December, 2011