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Our Research

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Our group is developing chip-scale systems and devices that process electromagnetic, optical, and mechanical fields in qualitatively new ways. Silicon chips form the material basis of our current information technologies and comprise the vast majority of electronic circuits. However, electronic signals in transistors are hardly the only physical degrees of freedom available to us. Such electronic circuits are especially ill-suited for dealing with quantum information – states of a physical system that possess nonclassical correlations and enable vastly more powerful paradigms of computation, communications, and sensing (Preskill, 2012). Moreover, by developing spatio-temporal control over optical fields we can revolutionize classical sensing, imaging, and communications systems. Our goal is to create ground-breaking new functionality by developing on-chip systems that operate on photons (light), phonons (mechanical motion), as well as quantum electrical signals from emerging superconducting quantum computers. We are developing the fabrication, design, theory, and characterization methods to realize new classes of systems, some of which are described in the respective web pages.