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Journal Article

Single and double frame coding of speech LPC parameters using a lattice-based quantization scheme

A lattice-based scheme for the single-frame and the double-frame quantization of the speech line spectral frequency parameters is proposed. The lattice structure provides a low-complexity vector quantization framework, which is implemented using a trellis structure. In the single-frame scheme, the intraframe dependencies are exploited using a linear predictor. In the double-frame scheme, the parameters of two consecutive frames are jointly quantized and hence the interframe dependencies are also exploited. A switched scheme is also considered in which, lattice-based double-frame and single-frame quantization is performed for each two frame and the one which results in a lower distortion is chosen. Comparisons to the Split-VQ [13], the Multi-Stage VQ [12], the Trellis Coded Quantization [15], the interframe Block-Based Trellis Quantizer [17], and the interframe scheme used in IS-641 EFRC [26] and the GSM AMR codec [28] are provided. These results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed lattice-based quantization schemes, while maintaining a very low complexity. Finally, the issue of the robustness to channel errors is investigated.
Farshad Lahouti
Ahmad Reza Fazel
Amir H. Safavi-Naeini
Amir K. Khandani
Journal Name
IEEE Trans. Audio Speech Lang. Process.
Publication Date
September, 2006